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Katerina & Michael Sanders (Testimonial)

Karen has worked with our son in the areas of spelling, language, handwriting, grammar and essay construction.  Alan is now a twelve year old boy who could best be described as gifted with a learning disability.  He has severe food intolerance and a brother with autism.  When we first met Karen, Alan had recently been given a diagnosis of chronic depression after an incident of self-harm. Alan had accepted in principle that his spelling and handwriting were limiting his achievement. His hand writing was barely legible and his spelling was several years below his age level. At this time, his performance in all other academic areas was above average. Aidan finds making friend slow and difficult and also dislikes change.

Alan was reluctant to accept anything at face value, questioning all that Karen did.  Karen dealt with this calmly and patiently, accepting that Alan needed clearly defined rules and expectations.  Karen took the time to find the things that motivated Alan.  Karen also engaged energetically in debates with Alan, treating his views with respect.  Gradually over a period of months Alan relaxed and started to build a rapport with her.  Karen took an active interest in Alan as a whole person and made many useful suggestions as to how we might assist making learning easier for him.

Alan is now attending — High School and as a result of the time [he] spent with Karen, he has a much better understanding of, and acceptance of his strengths and weaknesses.  Alan is very fortunate to have had Karen involved in this stage of his education.

Katerina and Michael Sanders


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