Welcome to Time Out Learning Centre

The Time Out Centre (Not For Profit) helps people with learning difficulties, ADHD, Dyslexia, Irlen Syndrome, Dysgraphia, Asperger’s, sleep problems, Tinnitus, Depression/Anxiety, ADHD, Attention and Focus, etc. to help them reach their potential.

We, at the Time Out Centre, consider that the first thing to be undertaken with anybody seeking help in the above areas is to find the cause of their difficulty.

Because brains are complex, there is seldom only one cause of difficulties. For example, an ADHD person can also have Learning Difficulties and Irlen Syndrome (Hale, S. Visual network asymmetry and default mode network function in ADHD, 2014), or a person with Trauma could also have Learning Difficulties, or Dyslexia could be combined with Irlen Syndrome. Because of this complexity, the outcomes are also complex when the brain is not functioning well. For example, you can have the same outcomes in behaviour and learning with Developmental Trauma, Irlen Syndrome and ADHD, but different parts of the brain are affected.

Remediation of whatever sort without understanding the whole picture is a ‘band-aid’ approach. At Time Out, we look at the whole problem, listen to parents/clients, and together decide what assessment, diagnosis, referral or strategy would be appropriate, and then discuss what help or what kind of remediation is available, based on scientific evidence.

  • Consultations and support
  • Counsellor
  • Irlen Syndrome
  • QEEGs
  • Neurofeedback
  • Tutoring for Learning Difficulties

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Yvonne Day (Testimonial)

I met Karen England some 2 years ago through her business, ACT Literacy Tutoring, and have since been provided with extensive opportunities to observe Karen interacting with her pupils and their family members.  Karen possesses great communication skills and is at all times attentive and attuned to her client’s needs.  She is unfailingly empathetic, courteous and genuinely interested in assisting people.  Karen conducts her
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Katerina & Michael Sanders (Testimonial)

Karen has worked with our son in the areas of spelling, language, handwriting, grammar and essay construction.  Alan is now a twelve year old boy who could best be described as gifted with a learning disability.  He has severe food intolerance and a brother with autism.  When we first met Karen, Alan had recently been given a diagnosis of chronic depression after an incident
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Thea (Testimonial)

Terry has been a student of yours for several years and under your professional, strong but warm tutelage has come an extremely long way forward with English and reading from where he started.  He is confident in his reading, is able to read out aloud at home and school. Your dedication to some of the most vulnerable and often scared children, with learning difficulties
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