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Thea (Testimonial)

Terry has been a student of yours for several years and under your professional, strong but warm tutelage has come an extremely long way forward with English and reading from where he started.  He is confident in his reading, is able to read out aloud at home and school.

Your dedication to some of the most vulnerable and often scared children, with learning difficulties and mental health issues, is outstanding and needs to be commended.  The difference you make to the lives of so many children is wonderful including what you have done for our son.  You have shown Terry that not all teachers are bad and against him, and have done this through your own understanding of his condition.  I wish our schools were full of teachers just like you, who really look at our children and provide them what they need, as you do.  He has seen first-hand that to have ADD/Dyslexia doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed in your chosen field.

Your network and referrals to professionals also completes part of the complex puzzle that parents find extremely daunting in the beginning.  Who do we trust, who do we spend our hard earned money with for the benefit of our children is a challenging matter emotionally.  We went from a child who was falling through the cracks and talking about self-harm to one who, within a short period of time, had a group of professionals wrapped around him providing the services that he needed.  We have you to thank for that.

In closing, I think you are just the most remarkable lady, who always meets you with a smile, says what’s on your mind and takes our children forward positively.  What a wonderful impact you have made in this world – and for our son, have given him most important skills to use on his journey through a not so easy life.



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