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At Time Out Learning Centre Inc. (formally known as ACT Literacy Tutoring), students are taught in a different way. Children with Special Learning Difficulties, from Dyslexia to ADHD require a different approach and will not make gains with just one-on-one or going slower, as they are not intellectually impaired, they just learn differently.

Our tutoring programme has been helping children and adults with learning difficulties for the last twelve years. We have great success in bringing children, who are up to two years behind their reading, spelling or maths levels, up to a normal, age appropriate level.  Adults can be taught to read, write and spell normally at any age. All our teachers are qualified long-term teachers, and lessons are one-on-one. We start with testing to find the cause of why a normally intelligent child is not succeeding at a normal level, and then remediate or work around that problem.

Essay writing skills is an area of difficulty for high school and university students with learning difficulties.  They can be taught a method of managing their assignments and how to manage their difficulties.  Our essay writing skills programme allows them to use their time efficiently and be able to manage their reading, essays and exams, in a way which is easy for them to maintain.